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We offer a wide variety of natural stones, or as we call them, pieces of God’s artwork.  These pieces come from all corners of our planet and from deep into its core.  As no two pieces of stone are ever alike, your creation will truly be one of a kind.  Stones like granite, marble, limestone, travertine, fossil stone and slate are available in several sizes, and several finishes to combine for the perfect look you are seeking.


Whether your projects require tile for interior or exterior use, porcelain is great for both.  Countless designs, patterns and colors are available to compose a beautiful wall or floor installation.  The shapes to choose from include square, rectangle, hexagonal, octagonal, arabesque, round, mosaic, etc.  These allow you to create an installation sure to please you and one you will enjoy for many years to come.  Porcelain tile is fired at over 2500 degrees, and for a long  time, giving it strength to endure even the toughest elements.


Ceramic tile is the first generation of tile, and has held its rightful place in the tile industry for many decades. The designs and sizes available are similar to those offered in porcelain tile. Ceramic tiles are fired at a lesser degree of heat than porcelain, making them an ideal choice for interior use.


Decorative tiles are available in several types of metals. Whether solid metal, or metal coated, the offerings range from contemporary chrome to more traditional oil-rubbed bronze finishes, and many in between. Live metals will develop a patina over time, adding to the beauty. Kitchen backsplashes, fireplaces, any dry vertical surface, are great places to showcase metal tiles.


Glass tile is a fairly recent introduction to the tile industry, gaining popularity over the last 20 years or so. Available in many formats and colors, glass tiles are used equally in both traditional and modern interiors. Mosaics often blend glass with other elements, such as stone and metal. Glass tiles are now being used for full shower walls, swimming pools, backsplashes, accent stripes, etc. There really is no end to the possibilities of use for these beautiful tiles!


Tile & Design Concepts partners with some of our countries most gifted tile artists and factories that produce handmade tile. From painting on marble, to etching travertine, to molding ceramics and porcelains, we are proud to help you design your very own, one of a kind product. From micro-mosaics to large format tiles, the colors, patterns and designs are only limited by your imagination.


Just as tile has become an art form for homes, it has done the same for swimming pools. No longer are your choices limited to blue. The wide array of patterns now to choose from can make the look of your pool one of a kind. From traditional deep blue glossy tiles to stone look tiles, to contemporary glass tiles, the options are numerous. We also offer brick coping, natural stone coping, safety grip, etc., to service all your swimming pool needs.


We are proud to be a stocking dealer of TEC setting materials, and offer a full line of adhesives, mortars, grouts and caulks. We are equally proud to offer OceanCare cleaners and sealers for both tile and natural stones. Our knowledgeable staff can help you determine the products that will satisfy your needs.



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